An interesting conference: The Soul of the New Machine

Participants of the course and followers of this blog might be interested in a conference that the Human Rights Center at UC Berkeley is organizing. The conference is called The Soul of the New Machine, and explores the link between human rights, technology and new media. It takes place between May 4 and 5, 2009, on the Berkeley campus.

The conference invites thinkers and practitioners to share best practices and develop new strategies for incorporating technology to address human rights abuses. There is also a  “Mobile Challenge,” a competition for using mobile technology in human rights investigations and advocacy, which will be interesting for us to follow and get familiar with what they did.

These are the topics of the conference

  • “Eye in the Sky”: Geographic Information Systems, Satellite Imagery, Data Collection and Security
  • In the Field: Mobile Technologies and Forensic Investigations
  • Human Rights in the Spotlight: Digital Photography, Multimedia, Animation
  • Human Rights On and Off the Intertnet

As you see there are many potential interesting themes that touch the objectives of this course here. There seems to be online streaming plans so maybe we could follow it form here? (see:

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