GROUP 1 – New Concept: “Helping people help themselves”

In disaster situations it always takes some time before any authorities are able to react. In the meantime, people affected can already start to help themselves and other people. Our mission is to enable communication, co-ordination and distribution of the skills and knowledge of the local people willing and capable of helping to the place or assignment where it is most beneficial.

Our actual “product” is a service design/concept of a toolkit for communication and information sharing in a disaster situation. The toolkit is low tech and operates on any mobile device using text messages(SMS). Technically, the toolkit functions in a similar way to text message based television quizzes – if you send a message / vote, you will get a message back. The toolkit approach allows this concept to be easily adapted to local situations and requirements.

We will present our concept in the form of functional description, illustrated with the help of textual and comic strips based scenarios of the use situations. If time allows, we will try to build a working mock up / prototype.

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