Next meeting Wed 8.4. 14:00 and the blog outage

As you may have noticed, this blog was down for the period 29.3 – 3.4. An old server that kept the database of this and few other less-used WordPress blogs broke down. As an extra complication, all of media labs technical staff was either on holiday or ill. Jyrki Messo did a great job replacing the hard drive and network card to a new server put together from old spare parts, and at friday afternoon this blog came back. Thanks Jyrki!

Groups 2 and 3 have now both been in Geneva and both groups have much clearer idea of their concept for WHO. Teemu has called a meeting at Wednesday 8.4. 14-16 in 3rd floor meeting room, and every group should be there to present what they are doing — mainly to keep other groups, Teemu and Mari in the know.

We know that some people will have DVD II-course at the same time, but also that groups have agreed to have internal meetings at the same afternoon, so lets try to be flexible, if you miss something from the beginning, join us when you can.

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