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An interesting conference: The Soul of the New Machine

Participants of the course and followers of this blog might be interested in a conference that the Human Rights Center at UC Berkeley is organizing. The conference is called The Soul of the New Machine, and explores the link between … Continue reading

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Prevent. Protect. Immunize. (in Europe, too)

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GROUP 1 – New Concept: “Helping people help themselves”

In disaster situations it always takes some time before any authorities are able to react. In the meantime, people affected can already start to help themselves and other people. Our mission is to enable communication, co-ordination and distribution of the … Continue reading

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Next meeting Wed 8.4. 14:00 and the blog outage

As you may have noticed, this blog was down for the period 29.3 – 3.4. An old server that kept the database of this and few other less-used WordPress blogs broke down. As an extra complication, all of media labs … Continue reading

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