Group 3: Debrief and some sightseeing (Day 3 of the Geneva trip)

Saturday was the day of our return flight. Luckily, the departure was only in the afternoon, so we had several hours to explore Geneva and the surroundings a little. After dropping off our luggage at the railway station, we took bus number 8 to the French border which we then crossed by foot in order to reach the cable car to the Salève mountain.


A 30 min uphill walk from the upper station, we had a coffee on the summit and then returned back to Geneva.


Unfortunately, like Friday also Saturday was extremely windy so our explorations of the center remained very brief – and the famous water fountain unseen. We instead had a delicious Italian lunch and then headed to the airport. On the way back, we summarized the outcome of our trip and made a schedule for documenting the meetings and preparing wireframe drafts during the upcoming two weeks.


For a last time, our “side notes”, hopefully of use for the next Geneva travellers: elementary French skills or a French phrasebook are valuable resources in Geneva (at times, we had serious trouble to find English speaking locals), warm clothes are a wise thing to have when it is as windy as in these two days and, lastly, changing planes from Geneva to Helsinki in Munich involves an enormous hike (which added quite some excitement and exhaustion after our delayed arrival).

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