Group3: Mission and concept update

Here’s the refined (and shortened) version of our group’s targets, from a meeting earlier today. Based on some benchmarking and research done individually (focusing on the Gaza and Zimbabwe crisis to have a comparative set of data), we further narrowed down the scope of our project and came up with the following plan:

Group mission

Our mission is to aggregate and represent information from different sources within and outside WHO, enabling different target groups to access relevant data or learn about HAC’s field of work.

We aim at creating a template for easy presentation of data on a specific crisis, WHO has an enormous amount of data that is currently difficult to approach on the website for the non-professional visitor.


The assumed main use case for the template is “I have a few minutes time to make myself familiar with the current situation”, but it should also enable spending more time on the page if the visitor has a specific interest (e.g journalists) or gets interested to learn more. The current HAC website does provide access to summaries, but there is no built-in way to easily investigate the more detailed information hidden in other documents.

The idea of the template is to serve as a tool for both WHO and the visitors:

  • For the WHO, it should enable easy addition of various “layers of information” based on the data the current reports are based on.
  • To the visitors, the template takes care of representing the data in a way that supports their mindset when browsing the site.

A new copy of the template could be created for each crisis, with the older sites preserved in an accessible archive.


The goal is to design an engine that allows WHO to easily create information sites on ongoing crisis that:

  • are interesting to explore
  • represent well the message of the WHO
  • and allow access to the rich data HAC has to provide.

Ideally, the views of the page or even the entire page could be possible to embed into other websites (e.g. blogs, mass media etc.) to spread the word and give a broad audience direct access to the information.

We published our project plan and budget in the internal working space.

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