Group 1: Enabling initial communication in a disaster area

Group mission:
Enabling communication in ad-hoc networks between people affected by disasters using only mobile devices, sharing information gathered by this network, helping the WHO field teams to support and coordinate health action also with local people, authorities and independent actors. This with a main focus on the initial days after the disaster has occurred and before a normal communication network can be re-established.

Tech comment:
We are trying to enable real time communication using scatternets in areas without electricity or network signal in a crisis situation, using mobile devices and an application designed for that purpose.

Questions to the WHO / HAC:
  • Can we get in contact with some fieldworkers for e-mail correspondence?
  • What does WHO/HAC see as a problem in the field within the first week of arrival? (In a broad sense but also very concrete examples)
  • Can we get access to real scenarios / journals written / video recordings by the field workers?
  • How is the cooperation with local authorities and actors organized?
  • Can we have a look at the Standard Operating Procedures for the different emergency situations?
  • Do the Standard Operating Procedures differ a lot from country to country?
  • Do you have any training material for WHO/HAC field workers which they use within the initial days, that we could take a look at?
  • What is the response time for WHO/HAC to different kinds of emergencies and for different areas? How fast can you get there with the first wave of workers?
  • What are the roles of the first arriving people and what kind of equipment do they bring?
  • What has to happen before the first wave of workers arrive at the emergency? Both locally and at the headquarters?
  • What kind of information is valuable for the local population, local workers and for the WHO headquarters?(For the headquarters especially before they decide to send workers.)
  • How do you decide the appropriate scale of action?

We support the idea of the workshop in Geneva that should be carried out ASAP.

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