Group 2: “Sharing tacit knowledge”

Group members: Virva (the leader), Yen, Juulia, Ramyah and Kati
The group is interested in the following theme:

Human interface for sharing experiences and tacit knowledge among field workers.

  • The interface enables field workers to tell their stories and share practical knowledge in more a humane way, not through regular forms etc.
  • Others can learn from this information, e.g. when leaving for field
  • The information could include the following: location-specific info, practical tips, people’s contact info, “checklists”, map-based data
  • The interface could utilize storytelling and different media types/formats and visual presentation

Our questions to the experts:

  • Who would be potential users for this type of interface (e.g. different professions, locals)?
  • What kind of stories would people like to tell?
  • What type of information is needed by the field workers? What different types of information/knowledge categories there might be?
  • What are the guidelines/protocol and tools that are currently used by field workers when leaving to or returning from the field?
  • What kind of digital/non-digital mediums of communication and sharing are used?
  • Suggestions for suitable/non-suitable media formats?
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