Safe Hospital facts

Some facts and figures from the docs provided by HAC (for WHD):
•    From July 2007 to July 2008, natural events caused 364 disasters that affected more than 212 million people and killed over 240,000 -13 times more the previous year
•    Economic damage of more than 77 billion USD was caused – twice as much as the year before
•    Adding disaster-protection elements into hospital design would only add 4% to the overall cost of a building
•    Retrofitting costs can be as low as 1%
•    When health facilities are unsafe, health workers are killed and injured, vital health services can not be delivered, lives and vast investments are lost
•    Community recovery and health system reconstruction is slowed down

Other examples
•    11,027 medical institutions were damaged in the Wenchuan earthquake in May 2008
•    More than 50% of the hospitals in Latin America and Caribbean countries are located in disaster-prone areas and are unsafe
•    The December 2004 tsunami destroyed 92 Sri Lankan health facilities, including 35 hospitals.
•    In 2001 a 7.7 earthquake destroyed 3,812 health facilities in Gujurat, India
•    Because of safe hospital training only 17 patients out of 4,000 died after the 2004 tsunami in Sri Lanka tertiary health institutions.

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