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Disaster communications

The UNF and Vodafone partnership is helping WFP develop their disaster communications, worth a look.

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Make text, not war

Another example of mobile use from Kenya..  the mhealth report provides a number of other good examples from the field.

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Visit from WHO

Paul will most likely be visiting us 10-11 March.  Let’s discuss the agenda tomorrow.. On another note, these are interesting times for the international health/development sector, one of the latest events being the creation of a new mhealth alliance.. we … Continue reading

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Group3: Mission and concept update

Here’s the refined (and shortened) version of our group’s targets, from a meeting earlier today. Based on some benchmarking and research done individually (focusing on the Gaza and Zimbabwe crisis to have a comparative set of data), we further narrowed … Continue reading

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Getting rid of the common cold

“The Magnificent Project ill-me – Developing the social media illerapplication (and getting rid of the common cold)” Markus Bergman and Wesa Aapro presented their health related startup company. Some of the material was confidential, but the project blog should give … Continue reading

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Group 1: Enabling initial communication in a disaster area

Group mission: Enabling communication in ad-hoc networks between people affected by disasters using only mobile devices, sharing information gathered by this network, helping the WHO field teams to support and coordinate health action also with local people, authorities and independent … Continue reading

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Photos available

Camille Pillon from WHO provided us with photos from WHO emergency activity around the world. These can be used in your projects. Collaboration wiki has the instructions how to access the files (inside Media Lab only, there are over 300 … Continue reading

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Teaching 2.0 – Doing More with Less

1 h  Lecture about participatory learning hold by John Seely Brown Independent Co-chairman, Deloite Ctr for Edge Innovations Some interesting ideas.

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Mapping of crisis data, an example

From an article in the German online magazine SpiegelOnline, I found a great example of “data mapping in crisis situations”. During the tragic bush fires in Australia, the association of volunteer firefighters in Victoria, CFA, published their data about the … Continue reading

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Group3: Information Management & Representation

After examining WHO’s website, we felt that there are a lot of information not so well organized. We aim to check through the data and information WHO-HAC already had and might approach, and build the information core structure. So that … Continue reading

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