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Some toughs about toolkit & Storytelling

Personally I am interested in teaching/learning and storytelling. Reading the WHO post  I saw two point that  I am interested in : “toolkit” of essential health emergency management documents and country information and storytelling describing motivation to work in WHO. … Continue reading

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Epidemiology 2.0

I spent some initial thoughts on the utilization of semantic technologies for health-related web services, a topic I consider very interesting. I have always been fascinated by projects mining data based on semantic algorithms, such as We Feel Fine (correlating … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts

Here’s some of my thoughts abstracting from the notes I had from last meeting. This shows my understanding about the people who are involved in the whole action, and the main function required by the system we’re going to design. … Continue reading

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Notes from the first video conference with the WHO team

I hope you all made your own notes during the first video conference with the WHO team. Jukka Purma also made some general notes to the whiteboard. Here is a picture of the board. Click the image to get a … Continue reading

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Just an example of the various voice based tools available, linked to the storytelling needs..

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More ideas from WHO team post teleconference

Here are also some ideas and needs from the WHO team, post-teleconference, for us to think about: Develop systems to capture knowledge and experience from practitioners in the field (as case studies – learnings) who may prefer to speak rather … Continue reading

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The Ready Campaign

Here’s a great, new example of what’s being done in this field.. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s yesterday introduced a series of new social media tools to engage Americans in taking steps to prepare for emergencies. The initiative is … Continue reading

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The first WHO project session

We will have the first face-to-face session of the study project tomorrow, on Friday. Here are the details: Time: Friday, 16 January 2009 at 16:30- Place: 3rd floor meeting room See you tomorrow and take your calendars with you, so … Continue reading

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