Our ad hoc online working and learning infrastructure

We started the study project two weeks ago. While getting to know each other, to know for whom were are designing for, and defining the design challenges together we have been setting up pretty interesting ad hoc online working and learning environment.

Setting it up reminds much more “Bazaar” building, rather than building a cathedral. It has been agile, clever and practical. The focus has been to solve the problem.

Here is a short introduction to our online working and learning infrastructure.

This blog is naturally the hub of the study project. Reading the posts in the archives you can track back what has happen in the project.

In addition to the blog we have Collaboration Wiki for internal collaboration.

Simple. A blog and a wiki. I was today thinking the different roles of the blog and the wiki in the project.

The blog is definitely the place to communicate on everything – I mean on everything. Basically there shouldn’t be any topic we could not talk to each other in public – on the blog. The possible add-value of communicating everything in public is that someone that has a solution to our challenge may hear us and contact.

The wiki is not a space for communication in a common sense. It is a place to keep larger documents and files that are still under construction. This way it is a more a warehouse, workshop and garage than a meeting room (that is the blog). Actually the wiki could also be public and open for anyone to follow and even participate, but this time we decided to do it this way.

Another important resources in the blog are:

  • The People -page is helping us to get to know each other and to be in touch (By the way: please, send me the one line description you want to have next to you.).
  • The Schedule -page I just made for us. The page will be updated when time goes by and we will know more.
  • The Description -page. If you ever forget what we are the principles and objectives of the study project you can always have a look of them from here.

You will find all these pages from the right side bar.

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