Communication Loop: Function Defining

communication loop
Today’s brainstorming result:

We figured out that the main goal WHO_HAC wanted us to achieve is to enable communication.

And we defined the main tasks are in the “communication loop” above:

1. Information Aggregation

*Aggregate all the relevant information and build a meaningful database to serve as the core in the communication loop.
What kind of information is relevant?
Where to collect all the information?
Besides WHO internal expertise and records, can we aggregate information from online buzz such as blogosphere, google keywords, twitter…etc?

2. Live/Instant Communication

This function focuses on the live/instant communication when a disaster burst out:

*Among people working in the field
*Between field workers and the Headquarter
*Inside the Headquarter: enable managerial efficiency

What are the available technology?
How to create system efficiency?
How to enable collaboration at field level?

3. Experience Spreading

This function focuses on reflective communication afterward the crisis resolved:

*Recording the lessons learnt from the crisis (especially in a way that non-expert can understand)
*Story telling and contact maintaining, extending and strengthening the network of people
*Engaging more people to participate (such as volunteers, specialists, opinion leaders, decision makers…etc.

How to involve people at an emotional level?
How to create strong narrative to pass down the experience?
What message can influence decision makers?

And there can be “spin-off” ideas done aside main functions: WHD campaign to promote WHO image and influence decision makers and easy-deliver-effective-input Knowledge Toolkit & Info Pack.

As a summary, we can mainly divide the group into the 3 teams in the main functions above; but since all the means and approaches might cross over each other, we shall keep in mind the holistic picture and collaborate as a whole, in order to bring out a cohesive result.

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