Collaboration platforms and technology

I write this just to bring some relevant topics to the table ..

1. A cheap laptop for field conditions

Video highlights: XO versus Classmate

The BBC News website visited Nigeria to see Africa’s first large scale test of the XO laptop – a portable computer designed for the world’s poorest children.

2. Collaboration platforms

I think this is a highly interesting topic that has been around for ages and ages, in fact, one of the more significant issues in the field of digital media and new economies. How to aggregate the results from teamwork, especially research and design that includes visual, spatial, aural and even 3D information, not just text and links?

There is most probably not a suitable one-for-all solution, that’s why the big animation studios for example develop their own in-house tools. I still think, that gathering some pointers and thoughts around these online tools from the group of people we have on the course will be inspiring and possibly push us into being more competitive and creative.

This came up when our team was debating how to coordinate. The mutual agreement was that we need a physical room to do the work, because all the platforms we knew were so limiting and rigid. And of course, because it’s more fun!

Here are some links to different tools, as I have no production experience with any of them I hope to get some comments from those who do.

Huddle, by a founding member of Wikipedia
WebEx Connect WebEx Connect is a SaaS based on a mash-up model.
Skype beta for Mac has built-in screensharing
Microsoft Sharepoint
Wikipedia article on collaboration platforms

So, questions:

1. Have you used and enjoyed a collaboration platform?
2. What essential tools should we add to the list?


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