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Our ad hoc online working and learning infrastructure

We started the study project two weeks ago. While getting to know each other, to know for whom were are designing for, and defining the design challenges together we have been setting up pretty interesting ad hoc online working and … Continue reading

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Using the pages on the collaboration wiki as collaborative workspaces for the groups

This is kind of building on Mikko’s post on collaborative platforms and technologies. We were talking about using these pages in the wiki as a place where the groups can collaborate and share material internally in the groups. This could … Continue reading

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Communication Loop: Function Defining

Today’s brainstorming result: We figured out that the main goal WHO_HAC wanted us to achieve is to enable communication. And we defined the main tasks are in the “communication loop” above: 1. Information Aggregation *Aggregate all the relevant information and … Continue reading

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Hey – thanks for today’s meeting. I mentioned Episurvyor, I think it’s worth a look.  Also, check out the ‘storytelling’ map used by UNICEF ..

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Collaboration platforms and technology

I write this just to bring some relevant topics to the table .. 1. A cheap laptop for field conditions Video highlights: XO versus Classmate The BBC News website visited Nigeria to see Africa’s first large scale test of the … Continue reading

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Whiteboard of today’s meeting

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Jan Chipchase, Nokia research They do research and projects involving field work, Anne’s recommendation

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Memos from the lunch session 28.1. Thu

Marketing package for emergency (easy to fill templates) – media – donors – decision makers Problem topics by Shanfan Emergency communication Knowledge package Experience, Sharing, Reflecting External communication Decision? Let’s keep these open, and in mind. Shanfan comments about the … Continue reading

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Crowdsourcing crisis information

After reading the previous entries I in my turn started to think action in the actual location of the crisis. How could people who are affected by a crisis be empowered to help themselves and help WHO to help them… … Continue reading

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‘Off-the-shelf’ communication toolkit

Great posts and ideas! Perhaps we could also discuss how to ensure this ‘toolkit’ serves external relations needs when an emergency strikes (communicating effectively to donors, media, Ministries and the general public is a challenge for HAC), I think a … Continue reading

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