Amnesty and torture

Here are some links and documents about Amnesty´s recent work on torture. I hope this helps!
-Latest Amnesty-report on torture.
-Swedish torture-page. They use slogan: “Tortyr gör ingen säker” – Torture doesn´t bring safety.
-Make Some Noise Videos.
-Background briefly
-Amnesty´s message. I like the “Torture Works” support-banner at the bottom of the page
-Deportations to torture states, another aspect in torture
Finally, a press release from our EU-office on EU-accountability in War on terror. This approach makes us in EU partly accountable for things in Guantanamo.

CIA vote in European Parliament should mark beginning of accountability
13/02/2007 9:48:34

(Brussels, 13 February) Adopt a report that is strong enough to make European governments finally face up to human rights abuse in the fight against terrorism, says Amnesty International to Members of the European Parliament ahead of today’s crucial vote on CIA renditions in Europe.

“The European Parliament usually has no difficulty coming together to condemn the human rights violations of others. Tomorrow we shall see if it is also capable of addressing those happening at home”, said Dick Oosting, Director of Amnesty International’s EU Office from Strasbourg, where the vote will take place.

Last minute attempts to weaken the report are a worrying sign of the European Parliament’s vulnerability to national and party interests, despite the grave nature of abuses: kidnapping, torture and disappearances.

“The EU Council has not even acknowledged that extraordinary renditions are extra-judicial practices breaching international law. Without sufficient pressure from the European Parliament it is unlikely that governments will take responsibility”, said Oosting.

“A large majority is needed for the message to be heard in capitals but if it is too diluted the European Parliament will not be credible in calling governments to account” he added.

At stake is how Europe deals with some of the worst violations in recent years. Amnesty International considers it imperative that the European Parliament insists on:

* proper national investigation of illegal CIA activity;
*reparation for the victims;
*preventive measures to ensure that such practices cannot happen again.

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