Plan: three “products” / deliverables

Sorry that this took some time. I already got a reply from Ilpo and you probably got it from Andrea. He was already pointing out some topics which could be the content of the online viral campaign.

In the meeting last week we decided to work on three products / deliverables. Here they are:

(1) Concept
The concept will present a model and guidelines explaining how to implement an online “viral campaign”.
Target group: Amnesty Finland office
Deliverable: “power point”

(2) Online viral campaign
The campaign will be part of some Amnesty’s ongoing campaign or theme they want to promote at this point.
Target group: General audience
Deliverable: Online video (YouTube and other video services) and/or web site (blog, aggregating blog, pool/survey etc.)

(3) Internal marketing / empowering
To activate Amnesty’s 6000 e-activist to work in line of the viral campaign we will prepare and carry-out internal marketing / empowering activities among the activists. The aim is to make them active distributors of the viral campaign.
Target group: 6000 e-activists
Deliverable: Web site, emails with guidelines

Here a pic of the first sketch that documents the discussion (thanks melanie)
first sketch

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