Next step: challenge setting and idea generation

We discussed with Tuomo and Turo in the corridor that we would postpone the meeting today and try to find a good 2-3 hours slot one day next week.

In the next step we should put the challenges in priority order. Ilpo promised to do this, but as he is probably too busy to do this I am proposing that we will do it in the next session. You may already have a look of the challenges before the meeting and think about this.

In the session we could simply put the challenges in order and decided which one we pick-up for further consideration. Then we will do the “classical” post-it note exercise and brainstorm as many solutions and ideas as possible. From these we will then select from those the once we will work more. Peter McGrory could be a good facilitator in this.

Now, we should find the 2-3 hours time from our calendars. Maybe this is easier to do on email. With Andrea we will post you times suitable for us.

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