I’m on similar tracks as Jukka and possibly repeating his (and other already mentioned) ideas, only in other words.

Besides referring to Amnesty as a house, we may also think Amnesty as a user interface into human rights activism. Human rights knowledge and activism are the core of Amnesty as an organization, so I’m thinking of concentrating specifically in solutions that support activism and emerging new, new media related forms of activism.

Three groups of questions:

  1. – How is Amnesty’s infrastructure / organization structure functioning and coping in relation to the number of existing activists and members, and in relation to new forms of activism?
    – How to get the best out of the fragmented structure without losing the flexibility it offers?
  2. – What can Amnesty do to support activism more efficiently?
    – How to best channel existing human and material energy towards working for human rights?
    – How to help activists in being more active?
    – How is personal growth as an activist enabled, acknowledged and rewarded? Does e.g. “activist of the year” -nomination (or similar) exist?
  3. – In relation to new and existing members + larger public – how to make Amnesty’s achievements more tangible?
    – If I join Amnesty as a member who donates money, where does my contribution go? If I’m an activist, what am I achieving as a part of the bigger whole?
    – How can I quickly check out and report what is happening related to human rights worldwide?

Possible solutions are e.g

  • analysing and visualising Amnesty’s organisation structure from the point of view of activists and activism, suggesting more functional solutions
  • designing tools that help activists share their views with other activists and the head office conveniently
  • creating online voting systems for Amnesty’s internal decision making
  • guidelines for how to arrange things
  • creating visible demonstrations of possible scenarios for “personal growth as an activist”
  • creating visualisations and mapped interfaces of human rights statistics, personas etc.
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