Three main challenges

__ re: today’s meeting, briefing & challenges

For this, I’ll use a metaphor, perhaps a clumsy one but useful here, methinks. Let’s think of Amnesty Finland as a house.

* This particular house may need *
– renovating & repairs (primarily, internal communications)
– “renting” or “selling” (promoting, getting more people interested & to take part, to “live in”)

* On a broad scale, this presents us with three main challenges *
– which repairs to do & how
– how to promote the house most effectively
– how to get the constituents of this house (current or new / future members) to effectively take part in both of these pursuits

__ On the solutions side, we’ve had several good ideas already. Perhaps it’d make sense to look at / sort them in relation to these 3 challenges. For the third challenge I propose to get the intranet and/or mailing list(s) sorted out for easy-access feedback from members, something beyond standard “suggestions box” thinking.

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