Developing a Brief / wed 07.02.07 4pm 3rd floor meeting room

We are meeting 07.02.07 to start collecting ideas for developing the brief. This is the next step and second deliverable of the project: Your own brief.

Turo will introduce some of his experinces in making a brief for media/advertisement settings.

Here I share some ideas:

First and formost a Brief is a guiding document for your work, it is not DONE and forgotten, but rather should be updated as the design process proceds. First step is to get to a descriptive brief of the idea you want to move forward.

– A design brief should contain a short statement of the problem space you are interested, and provide information related to the solution, but can not be a description of it.

– The design brief should list all the issues that must be considered and questioned before the “work” begins, and should be obviously updated as it proceeds

A good way to start is to write down for yourself two or three words about your own aims, e.g. as following: “The design solution should innovatively answer to the needs of XX people / problem / location” Or “The design solution should evocatively raise questions about XX issues and the status of XX in our society” . It is useful to state motivations.

A more bussiness, selling oriented brief includes more quantifiable information, see for example > briefing an interesting guide if you are writing a project proposal or a design brief in the future (kiitos Kirsti for the link).

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