web 2.0 and human rights, views from a professional activist

During the past LIFT conference in Geneve, Amnesty international had a “Provocation about web 2.0 and human rights” presented by Helen Suarez and Dan McQuillan (webmaster of AI) the video is in Google Video. In there they discuss the potentials they see in mashups and present some current examples they have found on the web. This is IMHO a must see for us.

Some other related ideas are documented in Dan McQuillan’s personal blog.

Ilpo pointed specially to us this post UCLA Student Tasered: is YouTube a human rights tool?. It touches on a point we have discussed in one of our meeting: Amnesty strongest tool so far has been the reports, but they do not seem to reach as many people as needed. Quoting from his post a human rights related video got “425 000 viewings in 6 days, which is off the scale by comparison with the readership of most human rights briefings.”

Any Ideas?

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