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Simple but interesting…

…web campaign from World Population Foundation (WPF):

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Some comments to challenges

Here are some comments to challenges you found important. From my viewpoint there are two main challenges, internal communication and web-presence, but I tried to combine and comment others as well. It was interesting to read your thoughts. I would … Continue reading

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Ilpo´s slides from 16.2. meeting in Amnesty

A short powerpoint to give you some idea on what kind of activists we have and how we communicate. Keep in mind that this concentrates to our active members (300), not all members (30 000)! Activism structures in AI Finland … Continue reading

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Event: Practical Design for Social Action

I found this information about a workshop in the UK in May 15th organizers are PRADSA (Practical Design for Social Action) and the topic is “Designing the Techniques and Tools that Shape the Future – Social and Technical Challenges ”, … Continue reading

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Next step: challenge setting and idea generation

We discussed with Tuomo and Turo in the corridor that we would postpone the meeting today and try to find a good 2-3 hours slot one day next week. In the next step we should put the challenges in priority … Continue reading

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I’m on similar tracks as Jukka and possibly repeating his (and other already mentioned) ideas, only in other words. Besides referring to Amnesty as a house, we may also think Amnesty as a user interface into human rights activism. Human … Continue reading

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The Big, Bad Briefing and the Three Small Challenges

Here´s the presentation. And the very basic creative brief document. creative_brief (pdf) and briefing (pdf) The challenges with Amnesty Finland might be 1) The recognition of Amnesty´s actions in public (press coverage) 2) The credibility of Amnesty towards Finnish government … Continue reading

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Three main challenges

__ re: today’s meeting, briefing & challenges For this, I’ll use a metaphor, perhaps a clumsy one but useful here, methinks. Let’s think of Amnesty Finland as a house. * This particular house may need * – renovating & repairs … Continue reading

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Developing a Brief / wed 07.02.07 4pm 3rd floor meeting room

We are meeting 07.02.07 to start collecting ideas for developing the brief. This is the next step and second deliverable of the project: Your own brief. Turo will introduce some of his experinces in making a brief for media/advertisement settings. … Continue reading

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web 2.0 and human rights, views from a professional activist

During the past LIFT conference in Geneve, Amnesty international had a “Provocation about web 2.0 and human rights” presented by Helen Suarez and Dan McQuillan (webmaster of AI) the video is in Google Video. In there they discuss the potentials … Continue reading

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