Making portrait of an activist – dealine end of january

During the last session we briefly discussed the first exercise/task of this project which will be to construct a “portrait” of an AI activist. The portrait will be building on Petri Merenlahti’s presentation but will try to make it more “particular”, more “personal and made from a “design” prespective. I mean with this that you already set the frame of thinking what type of intervention you can bring to the situation.

To achieve this all participants will be gathering from now until january information and insights of different people (potential users, audience, creators, activists) related to amnesty. First step is ofcourse meet different activists! follow some, talk with them, interview and try to engage in some of their work. Ilpo has facilitated us a list of possible events/dates venues where you can hang out and observe what they do, how they do it, take notes, gahter material, etc.

Meet the people

29.11 Meeting of the Israel and OT group at AI office

10.12 United Nations human rights day. AI will be present lighting candles

7-20.12 At Tuomaan Markinat (St Thomas Christmas Market) in Esplanadi, AI has a stand where they are selling candles and giving out information.

Other future opportunities will be informed by Ilpo (mainly through this blog)

The format for this portrait is rather open, it can be a fictional character (a persona character based on real facts) but you can use a documentary approach. The portrait should have narrative elements (it tells a stroy about the person, what she is doing, with whom, why, etc ) however it attempts to ilustrate and identify the current ecology of artifacts, media and tools she is using as an “activist”. The fianl product can be a video (2-3 min) a storyboard, a collage or photonovel.

Some useful reading to start with:

About communication and design practice:

Thomas Erickson (1995). Notes on Design Practice: Stories and Prototypes as Catalysts for Communication. Online version.

About personas (I still have to find a better reference for this) :

Kim Goodwin. Getting from Research to Personas: Harnessing the Power of Data

If in doubt ASK please. Check the timetable for the deadlines.

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