Frank Johansson’s presentation slides

Here are the slides from Frank Johansson’s presentation yesterday. If you took notes, feel free to post them here as a comment or as another blog post.

Frank Johansson’s slides [PDF]

I personally got a lot from Frank’s lecture. I know something about Amnesty International (I am not an active member), but got now much better picture of the history and their vision.

I also found it very interesting how the organization has changed in time, partly because of the technological changes. We could even claim that AI use to be a globally networked grassroots movement for postcard “spamming“. Nowadays AI seems to have (also?) a strong role as a global media company providing reliable news about human rights and doing campaigns. BTW: look what do you get if you make a Google search with the single search term “campaigns“.

In a way AI use to be Web 2.0 before the web (networked communities, global user generated content, etc.). Now AI is very web 1.0. 🙂

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