Study project started

Yesterday we were having the kick-loff meeting of the study project. In the beginning Andrea shortly described the timetable and the progress of the project. Andrea promised to make a “timeline picture” helping us all to orientate to the work ahead. Will be posted here, soon.

Frank Johansson gave a lecture about Amnesty International in general and about their latest web campaigns. We got a good opportunity to ask question and discuss about how things work in this particular organization.

Just as a reminder I’ll copy here the topics we are exploring during the study project. You may also think these as the “learning objectives”. These things we should now start to think about:

  • What are the emerging new media formats and tools for activism?
  • What are the emerging new media formats and tools enhancing third sector?
  • What is the role of knowledge sharing, collaborative work, logistics and resource management in third sector?
  • How a particular organizational culture and set of values can be reflected, supported and evolved through product/service and media design? (can it be challenged?)

These topics we will work out with the hands-on with minds-on approach. We will generate ideas and come up with prototypes and concepts.

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